Reacting to the announcement by the Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, about his decision to scrap the Eames-Bradley recommendation to give £12,000 to the families of everyone killed during the Troubles, The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has issued the following statement:


“We welcome the decision by the Secretary of State to withdraw the offensive recommendation. However, we urge people to study the Eames-Bradley Report very carefully.  We believe the recommendation of giving £12,000 to the family of every person killed in the Troubles was a smokescreen which diverted people’s attention from other major flaws in the report."


“The removal of the £12,000 recommendation does not legitimise the rest of the report.  The Orange Institution remains opposed to the re-writing of history and the attempt to legitimise terrorism by any means.”


In a separate statement the County Grand Orange Lodge of Tyrone totally rejected the Eames-Bradley report. They said:  “While there are some items in the report which are positive such as an end to public inquiries we believe that on balance it contains too much which is unacceptable."


“The use of the term ‘conflict’ is simply an attempt to re-write history. The events of the past 40 years in Northern Ireland were a vicious, barbaric murderous campaign – they were in no way a conflict or a war."


“There must be no amnesty for terrorists even as proposed by the back door in the form of protection from prosecution for those involved in story-telling initiatives.  We believe the report is fundamentally flawed and taken in its entirety will do nothing to further reconciliation within this province.  It will simply add to the sense of alienation and hurt experienced by many in our society.”