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St. George's Day Parade in London 20 April 2013




Diamond Jubilee Parade in London 16 June 2012

St. George's Day Parade in London 21 April 2012

City of London District hosts Annual Orange Remembrance Parade in London 10 November 2012

  Petersfield 2011  


Grand Lodge Parade in London 2007 Petersfield 2007  


Thiepval 2006 Brixham Parade 2006 St. George's Day Parade in London 2006
Menin Gate, Ypres 2006 Oxford And Bedford Church Service 2006 East Bank Protestant Boys Flute Band Londonderry Visit Coventry 2006
Rayleigh 2005 Oxford Martyrs Memorial LOL 213 40th Anniversary Dinner 22 Oct 05 London Parade 12 Nov 2005
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  Some Orange Arches  

Plymouth District Annual Commemoration Service held at Brixham harbour in Devon, close to the spot where William of Orange landed on 5th November 1688. His immortal words -

" The Protestant religion and the liberties of England I will maintain." continue to be our watchwords




The colour party of Loyal Orange Lodge No 1977, Southampton, parade from the Cenotaph where they hold an annual service to honour those who have fallen in the service of our country





The Queen's Jubilee Parade, London, June 2002




The Banner of Martyrs Memorial Loyal Orange Lodge No 213 Oxford. Depicting the Protestant Martyrs Memorial in the centre of Oxford which was recently renovated and brought back to it's former glory.

Orangemen and Qrangewomen throughout the world contributed towards the cost of the renovation.

Click On The Banner for the story, taken from Foxes Book of Martyrs, of the Oxford Martyrs Latimer, Cranmer and Ridley



Two members of the Ladies Loyal Orange Institution of England,

LLOL 94, enjoy the parade and day out in Southport.




Rt Wor Bro. Garry Mills, Provincial Grand Master, Metropolitan Province being welcomed by Wor Bro John Wilton, PM, Temple of Loyalty, LOL 481, Newtownards, at the July 2005 North Down Twelfth demonstration held in Newtownards.  Rt Wor Bro.Mills and Wor.Bro Wilton are both Past Masters of LOL 481 and their friendship through Orangeism goes back over thirty years.  (Photograph courtesy of the Newtownards Chronicle)




Junior Lodge members dressed as  William III and Mary with their retinue, proudly parade through the streets of Southport, Lancashire, watched by thousands of onlookers enjoying the carnival atmosphere in glorious sunshine.





The Wor. Mistress with some of the members of The Mary Rose, LLOL 65, Portsmouth, pictured before the Divine Service at St. Lukes Church, Southsea.  The religious service was the climax of the Orange Weekend held on 10 -11 September 2005 in Portsmouth by LOL 11.






The newly appointed King William III, of Liverpool Province, Bro Erin Wilson of JLOL 35,  dressed in authentic costume of the Williamite period, who attended the Orange Weekend in Portsmouth and participated in the parade to St Lukes Church on Sunday 11 September 2005.