City of London District No 63 News Page

City of London District No. 63.


July 2012.


Fraternal greetings from the officers and Brethren of City of London District No. 63.


As we prepare for the annual Twelfth of July events across the United Kingdom and beyond we reflect on another year of progress and fellowship across our great city and district of London.


The showcase events of the year have been our annual St. George’s day parade through London, where we were joined by many visiting Brethren including a delegation from Co. Leitrim.


Medway Martyrs LOL 652 dedicated their magnificent full-size Orange banner at our annual St. George’s Day parade and the Lodge continues to grow at impressive speed. Orangeism in Kent is undeniably in the throes of a glorious renaissance.


June saw the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations for HM Queen Elizabeth, and Brethren marked this joyous occasion with a parade and rally in central London. 15,000 took part in the parade including visiting members from across the Kingdom and Commonwealth. The Houses of Parliament Loyal Orange Lodge (with members in both the House of Commons and House of Lords) paraded with their new bannerette.


North Essex Martyrs Memorial LOL 45 raised over £1,000 at an event following the parade and have decided to donate this money to the Fountain Primary School in Londonderry.


LOL 1689 exemplified Orange charity and solidarity raising £3,000 for Inver Orange Hall, which was destroyed by arsonists in July 2011. The lodge will present the funds during the Twelfth period.


In March we were immensely proud to witness and support the re-establishment of Orangeism in South Wales. We wish our Brethren in Cardiff every success for the future.


LOL 780, Rayleigh Martyrs’ Memorial hosted a very successful parade and rally in Rayleigh in Essex in May 2012. This annual event commemorates the martyrdom of Protestants in the town in March and June 1555. The Memorial was "Erected 1908 by the Protestants of Rayleigh and District.”


Brethren from the District have attended numerous events throughout the first half of 2012, including annual parades in Southampton, Portsmouth and Petersfield. Brethren will travel to Southport and Liverpool for the annual Twelfth celebrations, and further afield to Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.


As we look into the second half of 2012, we will continue with the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant. In November, our annual Remembrance Parade will take place in central London.


Despite the continued inclement weather, this is for us a time of immense joy and pride. As we celebrate the Glorious Revolution, the establishment of civil and religious freedom and constitutional monarchy throughout our Kingdom. All of our Lodges continue to grow and continue to extol the high ideals of Orangeism across our capital.


Fear God, honour the Queen, love the Brotherhood.