Statement by Rt. Wor. Bro. Garry Mills, Provincial Grand Master of the Metropolitan Province of the Loyal Orange Institution of England, 30 July 2005.


On Thursday 28 July amidst a Public Relations and press feeding frenzy the people of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the world were witness to a momentous declaration from Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA.  They have promised to end their Terrorist Campaign.  IRA Units are to dump their arms and to exclusively use peaceful means to achieve their aims.  According to the press hacks the war is to be over by Christmas, or September or October, but which year?  Sinn Fein/PIRA has not apologised for the sectarian murder campaign or their version of ethnic cleansing along the Armagh, Fermanagh and Tyrone border.  No remorse for over thirty five years of heartache, suffering, pain, fear and remorseless sectarian violence and murders perpetrated on the Protestant Community and the constant intimidation, punishment beatings, shootings, extortion and murder of their own Roman Catholic communities. PIRA/Sinn Fein wants Power Sharing restored.  The Labour Party and the Republican sympathisers within the Labour Party, will see that their demands are carried out.  In so doing the Labour Party have already sold out their sister party in Northern Ireland, the SDLP, and driven thousands of Roman Catholic voters into the clutches of PIRA/Sinn Fein.  Yet now that Labour Party membership is open to residents of Northern Ireland the Republican element in the Labour Party still hold sway in not allowing a democratic socialist party representing British workers to organise.  Pathetic!


Adams and McGuinness should have thought their strategy through a little more carefully before issuing the orders from the IRA Army Council, on which they had seats and command and control of the PIRA, to steal 26m from the Northern Bank, conspiring in the Cleansing Operation and cover up in the murder of an innocent Roman Catholic man in Belfast.  Or the daily cross border fuel smuggling that defrauds the Revenue and Customs Service of millions of pounds in unpaid tax.  Not to mention the Copy Right Fraud the drug dealing, prostitution, extortion and racketeering that is part of everyday life in Northern Ireland.  All to fill the war chests of PIRA/Sinn Fein. 


The very same PIRA/Sinn Fein with Members of Parliament who do not take their seats in Parliament but who are funded by the British Tax Payer and given administrative sanction, on a nod and a wink by many within the Labour Party.  The government may well be basking in the warm glow of this latest abomination by Adams and his murderous crew.  Rest assured that hundreds of thousands of decent, honest, god fearing British subjects are more adept at seeing through this latest propaganda exercise by PIRA/Sinn Fein. 


The double standards and hypocrisy of the Labour party leadership, and by implication, the Cabinet and Government is sickening.  This is appeasement on a grand scale to stand alongside the folly of Chamberlain, "Peace in Our Time" and a mistake to compare with the stupidity of George Bush in 1991 when he stopped short in the First Gulf War, resulting in the global terror in which we are all now encompassed.


The PGM asks all Sisters and Brethren to lobby their respective Members of Parliament and to demand that the criminal gangs, masquerading as Loyalist and Republican Paramilitary organisations, which operate with apparent impunity within Northern Ireland, are hounded out of existence and brought to justice before the criminal courts.  Further, that no demilitarisation on the part of H M Government troops takes place until all weapons held by these paramilitary organisations are placed beyond use and certified as such by the Independent Commission set up for that purpose.