Lodges in the Metropolitan Province are grouped into four districts - London District, Portsmouth District, Sussex District and Plymouth District.

There are Junior Lodges, for the younger members, Ladies Lodges as well as the Male Lodges. Lodges hold regular meetings, attend church services, hold parades and social functions.

Lodges and Members are active within their respective communities by supporting charity work and other worthy causes.

Lodge meetings and events regularly take place at Aldershot, Benfleet, Bristol, Brixham, Gillingham, London, Greater London area, Old Harlow, Lewes, Oxford, Petersfield, Plymouth, Rayleigh and Southampton.

The Metropolitan Province is one of six Provinces within the Loyal Orange Institution of England.

The Loyal Orange Institution of England is recognised as part of the World Orange Council which also includes the respective Loyal Orange Associations of Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ghana and Togo.

The Orange Institution is a worldwide brotherhood committed to upholding the Protestant faith and the principle of Civil and Religious Liberty for all...