Lodges meet on the following days


Location Lodge Name Day of Meeting
London Rt. Wor. Bro. E. Loney Memorial LOL No 779 2nd Monday in month
London Friends of Ulster LOL No 1688 3rd Saturday in month
London William Alexander Memorial LOL No 1689 2nd Saturday in month
London Pride of London Junior LOL No 3 1st Saturday in month
Harlow Essex Martyrs Memorial LOL No 45 3rd Saturday in month
Benfleet Rayleigh Martyrs Memorial LOL No 780 1st Saturday in month
Gillingham Medway Martyrs LOL No 652 2nd Tuesday in month
Lewes Southdown LOL No 398 3rd Saturday in month
Oxford Oxford Martyrs Memorial LOL No 213 3rd Wednesday in month
Aldershot Lord Carson Memorial LOL No 20 3rd Saturday in month
Portsmouth King William III LOL No 11 1st Wednesday in month
Portsmouth Mary Rose Ladies LOL No 65 2nd Wednesday in month
Southampton Silver Jubilee LOL No 1977 2nd Monday in month
Bristol Somme Memorial LOL No 842 1st Tuesday in month
Plymouth St Augustine LOL No 904 4th Friday in month
Plymouth Plymouth Junior LOL No 1 1st Sunday in month
Cardiff Rawlins White Memorial LOL No 803 3rd Friday in month

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